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Leadpal lead management software helps you to nurture, organise & convert your leads effortlessly.

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Customer satisfaction is through the roof! Sales are up, staff are happier, and we recommend Leadpal to everyone who will listen. Thank you!"
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Jake Maddocks
CRMs are "huh?" 🤔 and Spreadsheets are "ugh!" 😩

What's wrong with existing solutions?

E-mails & spreadsheets

Too simple


Too complex

Field software

The wrong tool

Effortlessly nurture, organise & convert your leads

Give yourself a competitive advantage with Leadpal lead management software. The fastest way to increase conversion rates for businesses.


Enhance your processes

Popular features
Build workflows that save time and create a seamless, predictable experience for your customers.
Set the date and time the customer wants a callback, and LeadPal will remind you when it’s due.
Sometimes multiple people and even departments need to work together on a lead; LeadPal teams makes this a breeze.


All your leads in one place

Popular features

Leadpal automatically pulls in all of your leads—no more copy/paste. 

Leads follow a tried and tested flow for home heating companies to sell more boilers.

Leadpal intelligently progresses your leads forward to the next logical step and closer towards a final sale, quickly and efficiently.


Boost your conversion rate

Popular features
Get notified when a customer views or accepts their quote. When better to call than when the customer is in front of their quotation.

Leadpal Quoting allows you to create professional, digital and interactive quotes in minutes.

You probably spend money on leads, but how do you know which sources are working?

Instant lead delivery

Leadpal automatically pulls in all of your leads—no more copy/paste. ​

View of the lead management screen on mobile

Manage leads all in one place​

Leadpal’s lead management software allows you to organise and prioritise your leads.

Win more work

Customers can accept quotes online, even whilst you sleep.

View of boiler quote output

Create professional quotes

Leadpal quoting enables you to quickly produce quotes with up to three packages, delivered in real-time by SMS and email.

Accurate CPA reporting

Leadpal gives you your cost-per-acquisition for each lead source and breaks down your conversion rates at each stage of your pipeline

Analytics dashboard view

Stop wasting money on ineffective leads​

Our analytics helps you to see which lead sources are working best for you.

Ready to start converting more?​

Get set up and convert more leads into surveys, opportunities and sales in minutes. Leadpal lead management software pricing is flexible, including our free forever plan.
Focus on your most important work and win business whilst you sleep​

Automate workflows


Survey Date Approaching

Trigger Option

Pre-empt This Date by 1 Day


Send a Reminder SMS

Build workflows that save time and create a seamless, predictable experience for your customers.

Pick a trigger that sets your automation into motion, such as a survey date approaching, add a trigger option such as pre-empting a date, and then decide upon an action such as sending an SMS.

Leadpal automations help you go from idea to automated workflow in minutes.

How you might use automations

Lead Landed > Send SMS

Send an introductory SMS when a lead lands

Job Complete > Send To Xero

When a job is complete sent to Xero for invoicing

Lead Field Changed > Send Email

Send an email when any field changes

Survey Date Appoaching > Send SMS

Send timely reminders to customers

Quote Accepted > Send to Surefire
Send sold jobs to Surefire or any other field software
Your Trigger > Time Delay > Any Action

Set a trigger with a time delay before performing an action

Integrates with your existing systems

Never have to manually move leads between systems again. Leadpal connects with Zapier to seamlessly integrate your leads with your existing CRM, Finance, Field and Compliance systems.

Leadpal integration with Zapier and other apps

Zero disruption to other departments

Seamlessly and effortlessly integrates with your existing systems to ensure no disruption.
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"Customer satisfaction is through the roof!

Sales are up, staff are happier, and we recomend Leadpal to everyone who will listen.

Thank you!"

Wayne Bettess
Wayne Bettess
Off The Tools Academy
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"Never before has it been so easy for our customers to accept our quotes online.

Before leadpal we struggled to know our survey and sales conversion rates. Now we know and it's beautiful!

We believe leadpal is the future of home heating tech. It's a no brainer."

Sandra Veneziani
Sandra Veneziani
Gas and Air Tech
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"Some of the easiest software we've ever used! No more spreadsheets or bloated CRM systems.

We're saving time by reducing boring admin, processing more jobs, and our customers are happier than ever.

We highly recommend LeadPal."


Our lead management software was built specifically for home heating companies to enable them to quickly and easily manage their leads, create professional quotes in seconds and automate their workflows.

Leadpal has a free forever plan. Paid plans start from £19 per month per user, making it affordable for startups and growing businesses.

One of the driving principles when developing Leadpal was that it had to be easy to use with a shallow learning curve. As a result, your teams will be able to quickly and easily master the platform in no time.

With the free forever plan, you will be able to manage your leads, make use of the lead progressor, produce professional-looking quotes and access analytics. You will need a paid plan to take advantage of automations, custom branding and calendars.

No. You can cancel at any time, and we will not bill you again unless you decide to resubscribe to a paid plan. You will still have access to all of your data and enjoy all of the free features.

Leadpal is a lead management and sales tool. It is not intended to be field software. However, LeadPal can integrate with platforms such as SureFire and Commusoft, allowing you to transfer customer data from LeadPal to other platforms seamlessly and securely.

Yes. Our packages are designed to give you maximum flexibility to ensure you get the best fit for your business.

Ready to start converting more?

Leadpal lead management software pricing is flexible, including our free forever plan!
View of Leadpal automations