Leadpal Brand Guidelines

Leadpal Style Guide

This simple kit is for using the Leadpal logo in conjunction with our trademark guidelines.


Default Logo
This is our primary logo. Note the horizontal lockup.
Logo stacked
When the primary logo doesn't fit your composition, use the vertical lockup.


Default logo shows clear space.
Our logo should always have space to breathe.
The stacked logo shows clear space.
We call the space around our logo the blue zone.


On light backgrounds use our full colour logo.
Logo on dark background
On dark backgrounds, use our full-colour logo with white text.
Printing in one colour, use our monotone logo.
On colour backgrounds use our white logo.

Logo Don'ts

Leadpal logo icon
Please don't use the icon alone.
"Leadpal" should not appear without the icon.
Please don't alter the colour of our logo.
Colour edited logo
Please don't create your own versions of our logo.

Leadpal Trademark Guidelines

The “Leadpal Trademark Guidelines” (herein referred to as “the Guidelines”) are designed to provide clear instructions to our partners, licensees, and authorised third-party affiliates (collectively referred to as “You”) on the correct usage of Leadpal’s brand assets. These brand assets encompass our logos, trademarks, and other identifiers associated with Leadpal’s products and services (“Leadpal Brand Assets”).

Usage of the Leadpal Brand Assets is permitted solely in accordance with these Guidelines and the additional instructions provided in the Leadpal Style Guide. Any usage that contradicts these Guidelines or the Style Guide is strictly prohibited. Leadpal retains the exclusive right to revise or modify these Guidelines and the Style Guide at any point, at its discretion.

The Leadpal Brand Assets carry significant value as integral elements of Leadpal’s intellectual property. By referencing any Leadpal Brand Assets, you agree to abide by these Guidelines and the Leadpal User Terms of Service. Furthermore, you acknowledge Leadpal’s sole ownership of the Leadpal Brand Assets, pledge not to challenge or infringe upon Leadpal’s rights, and accept that any goodwill generated from using the Leadpal Brand Assets will solely benefit Leadpal. We reserve the right to review, terminate, or modify any permissions concerning our Brand Assets at any time.

Leadpal Brand Assets Clarification

The term “Leadpal Brand Assets” includes registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks of Alchemy Bros Ltd. These encompass the Leadpal word mark, the vertical and horizontal Leadpal logos, and other Leadpal slogans and taglines. The Leadpal name, the Leadpal logo, and combinations are trademarks of Alchemy Bros Ltd. and may be registered in the United Kingdom and/or other jurisdictions.

Guidelines for Utilising Leadpal Brand Assets

The use of Leadpal Brand Assets should strictly align with the latest versions provided in the Leadpal Style Guide and these Guidelines, including the prescribed practices and prohibitions outlined below:

  1. The Leadpal Brand Assets must not be integrated into your trademarks, logos, company names, icons, product or feature names, domain names, social media handles, or avatars. Specifically, you are not permitted to blend or intertwine any Leadpal Brand Assets with your trademarks or logos – they are to remain distinct entities.
  2. Alterations of any kind to the Leadpal Brand Assets, such as colour modifications, dimensional changes, overlays, or adding your design elements, are strictly prohibited.
  3. When creating your website or marketing materials, refrain from replicating the unique aesthetics of any Leadpal’s website, apps, logos, trade dress, slogans, taglines, colour schemes, icons, or marketing materials. Further, you must not register or employ a domain name that includes “Leadpal” or any closely resembling terms within the domain name.
  4. You are not permitted to use the Leadpal Brand Assets in a harmful, derogatory manner or associated with any social media platform or website that contravenes any laws or the Leadpal User Terms of Service.
  5. Trademarks are primarily adjectives; exercise caution while incorporating any Leadpal trademark in text. Avoid using any Leadpal trademark as a noun, verb, or in a plural or possessive form. For instance, a Leadpal trademark should be used as an adjective preceding the appropriate noun that identifies the relevant product or service (e.g., “the Leadpal® lead management platform”).
  6. When referencing Leadpal, it is essential to clearly and accurately represent your relationship with Leadpal.
  7. Do not use the Leadpal Brand Assets to imply sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation with Leadpal. This includes but is not limited to, positioning the Leadpal Brand Assets in a more prominent or larger format than your brand or trademark.

For any queries about these Guidelines or the appropriate use of Leadpal Brand Assets, please contact legal@leadpal.io.