Branksome Triangle Consultation Form

Part A – Personal Details

Completed forms should be returned by 1.00pm on Friday 3 May 2024 to We will copy the data you provide into our online survey so you could complete the online survey form instead. We do not need additional printed copies of your response posted to us as these will only be scanned and disposed of by our post service before reaching the Policy Team.
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Data Protection and Privacy

The Planning Inspectorate require us to provide the names of persons or organisations making representations. This will ensure an open and fair examination where all other participants in the examination process are able to know who has made representations on the plan and the content of those representations. The council will therefore ensure that the representations can be made available (including by publishing these on our website) and taken into account by the Inspector. This means that we are unable to accept anonymous representations. All duly made representations, together with the names of respondents, will be made available on the council’s website. Personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses will not be published. By submitting a representation, you are confirming that you understand that your response will be published in full, together with your name, including on our website. The information you provide (including address, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.) will also be shared with the Programme Officer and the Planning Inspector(s), to be used only for the purposes of conducting the examination. If you choose not to provide data for this purpose, or ask us to erase your data, you will be unable to participate in the Local Plan Examination process. You have the right to access your personal data and to ensure the council is processing it in the correct way. For further information about how we and the Planning Inspector use your personal information, please visit to view our privacy policy. The Planning Inspectorate privacy statement can be viewed at

Part B

In your representation you should provide succinctly all the evidence and supporting information necessary to support your representation and your suggested modification(s). You should not assume that you will have a further opportunity to make submissions. After this stage, further submissions may only be made if invited by the Inspector, based on the matters and issues he or she identifies for examination.
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